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On The New Silk Road: The French Locomotive Leads Europe

China is today the EU's second largest trading partner after the United States, while the EU is China's largest trading partner. The two sides committed to a comprehensive strategic partnership, as expressed in the EU-China Strategic Agenda for 2020

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The Map Of The Syrian Energy Sector Between Fossil And Renewable Energy

Throughout its procession, the energy sector in Syria has faced many challenges that have threatened the sustainability of its sources, but this was not primarily about the search for the best ways to secure the energy resources needed to ensure a better life for generations in Syria

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About The Concept Of "Liberal Left"

The concept / term of the “liberal left” seems problematic, at least, self-contradictory, and devoid of meaning, at most self-consistent. The problem of the concept / term comes from the concept of "left", primarily, and from the "liberal" character of this left secondly